Sunday, February 12, 2012

Program Director Leads West Side Story Project

I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts in regards to the West Side Story Project. I never knew anything about this musical and quite honestly had no desire to be part of this program. I’m not only a part of this program; I was named the Program Director of this project. The first thing I have realized about myself is never miss the opportunity to try something new and begin to change my perception on things and not just about this project but life in general. Working with the kids is such a gratifying job and to be able to watch a student smile, feel accepted regardless of race, and being able to help change a student’s perception about law enforcement makes this opportunity special. What I failed to realize is this isn’t just about a musical it’s about life 50 years ago. Unfortunately the same social stigmas still exist. This project is not only helping the students but its helping me as well to realize how our perception of law enforcement is delusional. It just goes to show you never judge a book by its cover!!!
Program Director
West Side Story Project

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