Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Young Actors from West Side Story Project

When the actors came to our high school a couple weeks ago to do the West Side Story with us, it was a fun thing to do. Tommy helped us learn how act and learn certain type of techniques to let your inner actor come out. He showed us types of ways to make ourselves confident to perform in front of people. Also how to memorize things that are very long. In talking about the dialogue he asked us to act out. Also the types of faces you make and the way you look when talking, your image, by what’s going on in a persons head about what they are doing and thinking.
I look forward to doing more activities and learning about how to handle the police and how they handle our community. It’s all good!!!!!!   - Desmond R.

According to the exercise activity that we did a few weeks ago, I would say that I enjoyed it a lot. It teaches you how to communicate with other people whether they are strangers, friends, girlfriends or boyfriends. The little skits I enjoyed watching because it shows how you can keep a conversation. Also doing thing’s like that brings out your feelings for another person.  I learned that when you are communicating with someone you give them a chances to see who you really are. Anyways I really enjoyed my self; I wish we could do this every year, matter fact if it was class I would never skip. I think doing activities like this helps students get rid of their stress or whatever they feel inside of them. I think acting is very fun. Thanks to my health teacher for telling me about this program.   - Damaris V.

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